Mammut Group
There is a trend in highly industrialized countries to move production of goods to less developed ones, caused by the lower wages prevailing there. This trend is, however, not quite predominant in the capital goods/equipment industry. While consumer goods are made in the thousands or in the millions, like computers, cars or phones, capital equipment is made in very short series, maybe 10 -50 of the same machines per year.
In addition, many times those are not identical machines as they are customized to a certain degree for each customer.
The manufacturers of capital equipment therefore have unique needs regarding their workforce: (1) they need a close cooperation between the engineering/design departments, which are all in the West and the production departments to make sure that each customized machine is done well; (2) the workers making those machines need to be highly qualified to understand the intricacies of the design and the way to manufacture the equipment. This means that many of capital goods producers still have their main production facilities in the highly developed countries.
There is another need for highly skilled workforce.
All the capital goods need to be installed at the final customer’s factory, like a car assembly plant or a hamburger making plant. For such an installation the final customers not only need skilled workers but also engineering and purchasing services for correct placement and commissioning of the equipment in a car plant or in a food processing factory.
This is where the Mammut Group comes in. It specializes in supplying skilled workforce to the food processing and to the pharmaceutical industries. Its Abble subsidiaries concentrate on providing welding and fitting services in stainless steel in Western Europe. The Mammut Group itself is, in addition, developing engineering and purchasing services allowing the company to bid for complete projects for installations of processing lines and systems.
We work with the adage: “We follow your needs!”
The needs are to install and help to install the equipment at the optimal cost with the highest possible quality.